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I love you Sami yusuf. you inspire us to be better Muslims. jazakAllah!

What an amazing song! 

ccook guzell

This is the kind of sincerity beauty and humbleness that islam teaches in one hand. in the other hand Islam says when you are under attack don't let the attacker destroy you, stand for your right and struggle to survive (Jihad) unfortunately, this Jihad concept is abused by many politics and intelligence services around the world.

Wherever you are

amazing I love you Sami yusuf from all my heart 

I love all sami's song's. Very touching

wherever U are I want U oh ALLAH

After all my opinions have been changed about islam but still love you and love this song

j'aimerais que tu viens donné un concert au Sénégal c mon plus grand rêve de rancontrer

So beautiful!

Amazing song, wherever you are. i want you oh ALLAH.

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