no 309 mp3

Modjo - Lady (hear Me Tonight)
Uran - Rep senayesi
Kurtlar Vadisi - Okçu dede
Maxi-beat - Романтика
Tracy Chapman - Mountain o things
Murat Dalkılıç - Sensiz olmaz
Dr. Alban - It' My Life
Aqil - Sari gelinim
Yusif Tenha feat Aysel Sanalita Ft Aqil Esqin - Elvida
Murat Kurşun - Ben Her Gece Serhoş Değildim
Kurtlar Vadisi - Eledim

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Its a bald Tom Hanks good video though

I"m 47 and have yet to meet people of my social class:upper class. My parents and I moved to our house in 1971. I didn't know the origin of the isolation I have endured since 1975 until a few months ago. They were jealous due to disparity of money. I"m in a ghetto. These people never confronted me about anything nor did I ever induce trouble. People, in the same room as I, avoided saying nothing more than "hello" for 12 years. Here they are abled-bodies on welfare and I'm handicapped and rich. I have always been ambitious and never succumb to conformity. My childh

for a second i was like tom hanks is a handsome man bald

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